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Recipe tested: Orange Rice Pudding

Technique: Put milk and cream in crock pot, then add sugar and flour. Flour clumped, so next time would measure sugar and flour together before adding to milk. Then added cooked rice and orange juice concentrate. Was outvoted on adding a few traditionally medieval spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Whole mixture is now cooking in crock pot. Results will be tested in a few hours. Stay posted...


Aug. 9th, 2007 10:06 am
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Things watched - thanks to [ profile] falashad for providing the big screen TV and the cable connection:
1. The episode of ST:TNG where Barclay becomes a super genius
2. The episode of Voyager where Tuvok, Paris and the little girl's mother are stuck in some dangerous cavern and Neelix has to babysit the little girl
3. The episode of Voyager where Chakotay and Kim have to send a message back to the past through Seven of Nine's borg implant to save the crew of Voyager from dying in a slipstream drive accident

Things accomplished:
1. Sewed the side seams together on the outer layer of my black on black doublet and then got all three layers sewn together along the front and collar seams. At one point I had done some research on methods of seam finishing appropriate to the second half of the sixteenth century (many of which seem to involve wax - messy!) but I didn't have Patterns of Fashion with me and I'm pretty sure that I used a method there is no evidence for in Patterns of Fashion. Oh well. As long as it keeps the silk and the velveteen from falling apart, I guess that's more important.
2. Reinforced the side seams of [ profile] kaerran's hakama using satin grosgrain ribbon. Have not done any research on Japanese methods of construction so don't have a clue whether this is appropriate. But, like with #1, it's more important that it keeps it from falling apart. Think I will also reinforce the other seams, especially the crotch gusset seam, the same way. New Theory! [ profile] kaerran's persona must have come back with Pier Francesco from one of his many sea voyages, which explains what he's doing in western Europe, and now Caterina is making his clothes for him, which explains the Japanese style clothing constructed using European techniques.
3. Attended meeting of people in the barony interested in mediaeval cooking. As only three people (plus [ profile] falashad) were there, not much cooking got talked about, but fun was had nonetheless.
4. Read several chapters of Sense and Sensibility

Things bought:
1. Several more ink cartridges for my printer.

Things not bought:
1. This week's copy of Entertainment Weekly - couldn't find it at Northland Mall.


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