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Thursday night: Got waistband attached to trunk hose. Tried on trunk hose, with blackworked shirt, existing doublet(s), and stripey socks. Spent several minutes admiring self in mirror.

Friday night: Cut out collar pieces, binding strips for waistband (2 inches wide), and tab pieces (12 tabs at finished width of 3 inches at the top, each). Had forgotten what a pain tabs are. Got started sewing collar pieces to doublet, sleeve seams, and tabs. Tabs are a pain.

Saturday morning: Finished sewing tabs and sleeve seams. Ironed everything. Tabs are a pain. Sewed doublet (with collar) to doublet lining, then basted sleeves in to check fit. Shoulder seam a bit too long, and sleeves a bit wide, even with most voluminous shirt underneath. Packed up sewing to go over to [ profile] falashad's place for Doctor Who marathon.

Saturday afternoon: tried on doublet again for benefit of committee - resolved that sleeve width and shoulder seam should both be reduced. Re-sewed sleeve seams, then picked out the old ones. Attached binding strip to waist and fly opening of trunk hose. Sewed bottom of foundation breeches to top of canions, with raw edge inside. Trunk hose now finished except for lacing holes and fly flap. Started sewing trim to tabs. Tabs are a pain. Hope I have enough trim for the whole project.

Found Doctor Who very entertaining - I had never watched any of the classic series although of course I was familiar with the setup. [ profile] falashad had a good group of people gathered to watch and we had a good time watching, discussing, and suggesting items for a drinking game, and identifying tropes. [ profile] kaerran will be pleased to learn that several episodes feature Ominous Latin Chanting. I also noted several examples of Not So Different, and if I may be allowed to quote the love-to-hateable Dr. Rodney McKay (Stargate: Atlantis), of Captain Jack I wish to say, "Oh my god, he really is Kirk!"

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After much fiddling around, which I expected I would spend a good part of the evening doing, I figured out a good way to do the darts. One side is now done. Very dull details inside so I can hopefully remember what I did for the next go round.

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Now all I have to do is make one more exactly like it, except in mirror image!
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After questing unsuccessfully on Monday for a tabletop ironing board (one disadvantage of living downtown with no car is the distinct inability to conveniently access home supply stores), I went to my parents' house today so I could sponge dinner off them and borrow their car to go to Wal-Mart. They had what I was looking for, and I also got some spiffy new pearl-headed pins in funky pastel colours so I don't have to split my fingers open while pinning things. They did not have the bulk wooden beads that are good to use for button cores, so I guess my button making adventures will have to wait.

Got all of the preliminary steps to the leg pieces done - canions, foundation, outer leg panels and interlining. Am sewing by machine because it's faster, and am not finishing any of my seam edges. I washed the wool so it's sort of felted, and it's not fraying. The linen look is not fraying too badly and no raw edges will be exposed when the whole thing is put together, so I should be okay. Next is that pesky bit with making all the darts, which is probably just as quick to do by hand. Hope I keep my momentum going!
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Despite not having AutoCAD ;) I altered all of my pattern pieces and moved on to cutting my fabric out. This is usually my least favourite step but tonight I didn't feel too bad about it (usually it feels like it's taking forever). To my irritation the linen look is about 8 inches narrower than the wool blend, meaning that I had to cut the panel pieces for the trunk hose at different widths for the outside and the interlining. I got everything cut out except the collar, shoulder wings and tabs, which I usually leave for later in the process anyway. I will be lining and interlining with the linen look.

Fun fact: one of the sets of trunk hose in Janet Arnold has a button fly! I barely got enough buttons to fasten the doublet for this go-round (if I can just remember where I put them), so this suit will just have the front fly lace closed, but maybe next time...

Confusing fact: For the same pair of trunk hose, Janet Arnold says in one place that they are pleated in to the canions, and on the next page talks about darts. Not the same thing at all! Has anyone tried this? Which works better? Obviously pleating would be much less work.

Facts you don't care about: After looking at several portraits from this time period, I have decided I can get away without wearing a hat or a falling band, but may have to make the later style cuffs. Also, either all the pairs that had portraits painted didn't have canions (it's true, one of the pairs in Janet Arnold doesn't), or else they are wearing their canions inside their hose. Hope my socks are long enough!

Edited: I have lots of fabric left. Hmm, maybe a cloak and another pair of sailor pants?
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Have decided to make a suit consisting of trunk hose and doublet because I want to use this really loud fabric I have. First step is making a practice suit out of fabric I don't care about as much, because the first try never really works out the way you want it to - ergo, suit will be plain black. 100% wool was not available on short notice, so bought a wool/viscose blend that is taking forever to dry in my dryer and generating a really astonishing amount of lint. (Black linen was also not available on short notice, so am using 100% unnatural fibre "linen look"). Finished suit in black will end up looking a lot like this suit, so fashionably worn by Cormac at Montengarde Twelfth Night 2008.

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