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Previously completed: Finished edges of apron; did simple embroidery pattern around edges. Sewed three strips together to make waistband; pleated apron into waistband and finished both sides. Noticed that waistband had gone onto apron inside out, so that not-so-nice edges of flat-felled seams were out and nice edges were in.

Yesterday: Chose to leave waistband on the way it was. Finished edges of waistband using a combination of whip stitch and, when that didn't seem to be going fast enough, running stitch. Completed.



Previously completed: I have previously finished and worn this, but I wasn't satisfied with the way the sleeves sat. After I wore it at Coronet, I took the sleeves off and contemplated how to put them back on so they would sit flat. After trying a few different things, I decided to pleat them flat into the armholes and finish the edges inside with a strip of bias tape. I got one finished, and then it sat for a really long time.

Yesterday: Attended A&S day at Villa Tamborri, got the other sleeve put back on while watching satisfying and quoteable modern classic movies Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Galaxy Quest, plus a few amusingly dated episodes of the original British Whose Line is it Anyway? (most quoteable line of the evening: Steven Fry in a game of "Props" with some bubble wrap "Look, either the BBC believes in Doctor Who or it doesn't, but how am I supposed to make seventeen monsters out of this?")


Today: Reattached cuffs to bottom of sleeves using flat pleats. It's now ready to wear at Crown, but at some point I need to go through and finish all of the inside seams.


Previously completed: Previous entry here. Finally had the chance to do the fitting with Papa Don. [ profile] falashad may have the pictures on her flickr stream. Got [ profile] falashad to trace Papa Don's feet - the only piece of the pattern that was previously missing. Discussed some of my fitting questions with Mistress Issabbella and got some helpful advice - most notably that the ankles need to be a bit baggy, and that they are going to pull down when you bend no matter what, so the best thing to do is not point them to your doublet at the back.

Today: cut apart the old mockup pattern where marked to create new pattern; sewed all pieces together into new mockup, including feet pieces.

15th Century Hose
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1. Went to LL and J's baby shower. Am very excited for them! Baby is only about a month away.
2. Engaged in my least favourite part of sewing, cutting stuff out. The good news is that I think I am completely done cutting stuff out for this project and should be able to forge ahead with the sewing part uninterrupted.
3. Read "Dead Men Walking", by Paul J. McAuley, and "Home Movies", by Mary Rosenblum, both in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois. This is an anthology I try to buy every year. I don't always love every story, but I like the short fiction format because it's easier to find the time to read a whole story in one sitting, and many short stories do a good job of really getting me thinking about some issue in a way that novels don't seem to.
4. Did some sewing at [ profile] falashad and [ profile] blue_flydragon's house while watching Bridge to Terabithia. We all observed that the young actress who played the character of Leslie bore a strong resemblance to Keira Knightley. I found some of the themes reminiscent of a short story (non sci-fi) that I was required to read in high school english. I think it might have been called "The Glass Horses" or something like that. The main idea was that a young boy was out with his father and a bunch of other grown men at a logging camp or some other very traditional "masculine" way of making a living, and he had made friends with one of the men who was an immigrant from an Eastern European country, but eventually the father was worried that this friendship was going to cause the boy not to turn into a "Real Man", so he made the boy cut the friendship off. I guess the similarity comes in because in both the young male protagonist doesn't fully fit into the traditional, rural, male gender role that is expected of him because he is a little too imaginative, and it causes friction with both his father and his peers. However, it seems to work out a little better for Jess (the male protagonist in Terabithia), because he has other supportive adults in his life and I think his father comes around a little more towards understanding him in the end. In the realm of interesting pop culture connections, the father is played by Robert Patrick, who has had his fair share of iconic genre roles, and the music teacher is played by Zooey Deschanel, who played Trillian in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and who will be playing Dorothy in the upcoming miniseries Tin Man, a reimagining of the Wizard of Oz story which also stars Alan Cumming as the Scarecrow.


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