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In attendance: Shannon, Kat, Yvonne, Andrew, Jean, Heather, Shinji, Blue

Apple peeling and coring
Orange juicing and zesting

Thanks to all for showing up!!!

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Tasting the pureed chickpeas. Mostly tasty, but would reduce vinegar to 3 tbsp, and would increase the amounts of cinnamon and ginger, but not all the way up to 1/2 tsp. It is so tasty that we are now gorging ourselves on it even though we already ate dinner.
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At the parents' house. Group effort to test "Puree of Chickpeas with Cinnamon and Ginger" fromMedieval Cuisine of the Islamic World.

Recipe was:
1 19oz can organic chickpeas, well drained
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
Pulp of 2 small pickled lemons
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp dried ginger
Approx. 1/4 tsp fresh ground pepper
Approx. 3 tbsp. chopped fresh parsley
Approx. 1 1/2 tbsp. chopped fresh mint

Combine all ingredients in food processor (with chickpeas on the bottom) and blend well.

We are now letting the finished product sit in the fridge to let the flavours blend a little more, though my initial reaction is that there is too much vinegar. For serving, the recipe recommends to cover the mixture with a generous amount of oil (presumably olive oil).


Apr. 6th, 2009 07:36 pm
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Making veggie stock. Bacon IS a vegetable.


Apr. 5th, 2009 10:39 pm
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Working on trunk hose for green and navy camping suits. Tom and Shinji worked on shirts, Francis got help from Don Iain on bodice for cavalier dress, Althea worked on Spanish gown and period underwear, [ profile] minyata continued working on underskirt. Tom spills his first container of pins. Yay Tom!

Have now finished trunk hose to part where I need to figure out how many darts to make and how big to make them. Some water or something got spilled on my canions, which I would have rather didn't happen until the garb was finished and I was wearing it, but oh well.

Played Rock Band.


Apr. 4th, 2009 09:36 pm
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Tried on garb I want to wear to Winter War. Fortunately it still fits. Took off the old hooks and eyes which were falling off and sewed on new bars for hooks and bars. Alignment is off - will have to resew bars even closer to edge. [ profile] minyata and I helped Francis briefly with the fit of her corset. Hooks and bars turned out not to work, so will have to try to get other fastenings. Also did not succeed at shrinking cloth buttons by boiling and then drying, so will need to cut using a smaller circle. Was able to sew most of the hand braided trim onto the navy wool doublet pieces. Watched second half of season one of Doctor Who, discussed reasons why we prefer the Ninth Doctor to the Tenth Doctor.
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Made fabric button from The Tudor Tailor out of practice fabric.

Brought navy blue wool to fight practice so could start making buttons. Same size spool made a much bigger button, which is bigger than I want. Will have to experiment with different sized spools at my house. Helped Bryjna sew part of a quilt

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Finished sewing trim on green and gold suit to the point where more construction is needed. Played Rock Band.

Sewed some of the hand braided trim on the tabs for the navy blue suit. Came up with idea for arts and sciences entry for Winter War. Helped Tomas cut out pieces for a shirt based on shirt number 9 from the new Janet Arnold. Helped Francis with fit of her corset. Played Rock Band.

Test Post

Mar. 28th, 2009 03:48 pm
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At [ profile] minyata's house. Supposed to be sewing. Testing new lj app for cell phone instead. May post later about actual sewing accomplished.

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Got help from [ profile] landsknecht_po on patterning my new doublet - yay! Spent almost 2 days cutting everything out, then got started on construction.

Ordered "Dress at the Court of King Henry VIII" and "Before the Mast: Life and Death Aboard the Mary Rose", which have now arrived. Tried to order Mary Rose shoes but they are currently unavailable.

This Weekend
Have succumbed to the madness that is Rock Band. Also went to karaoke on Friday night - lots of fun, but still have no voice on Tues. On Saturday and Sunday, [ profile] minyata hosted sewing practice. I mostly worked on braiding my own trim:

Homemade Trim

Homemade Trim

Homemade Trim

Homemade Trim

Also in attendance was [ profile] guardian_hero, who worked on a shirt based on the new Janet Arnold book with help from Blue.
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Bought a bunch of fabric last weekend, some of which was even wool. Once washed, the navy blue wool had a very strong smell sort of like a newly sanitized outhouse. Better obviously than a very strong smell sort of like a used outhouse, but still not especially desirable. Wet wool should smell like, well, wet wool. On suggestion from Demetra ap Samarkand (and endorsed post facto by Missy M) soaked it in vinegar before drying. Seems to have had some positive effect.

Read through Patterns of Fashion 4. Had previously intended to make two new shirts for camping that did not have any embellishment, since am not especially enthusiastic about blackwork. This book did not help. Came up with a plan for a fairly simple embellished shirt using blue embroidery and another using inserted lace. However, all this is academic at this point, since still do not have white linen.

Visited Three Star Fabrics and bought silk broadcloth in coral and light blue for lining of camping suits. Also bought gold trim for olive green camping suit and needle lace like stuff for chemise. Also visited Fabricland and bought navy blue and grey cording to make own trim for navy blue camping suit. This camping gear is going to end up involving way more handwork than I meant it to. Oh well.

Spent most of afternoon cutting out pieces for trunk hose for green and navy suits. Of course, green and navy fabric are not the same width as each other, and neither is the same width as the interlining. Also, spilled the pin container - would not be a true sewing project if I had not. Blue wool is a little wider - each leg will have the inseam panel (half the width of the fabric) plus one full width panel, making a ratio of approximately three to one at the waist. Green brocade is not as wide - each leg will have the inseam panel (half the width of the fabric), one full width panel, and one half width panel, for a ratio of probably 3.5 to one.

Made a fair bit of progress on sewing in the evening, all by machine, which took a surprising amount of thread. Have constructed canions so they will lace up the back - this is not shown in any of the three examples in Janet Arnold, but it was an emergency fix I had to do on the blue and gold trunk hose and I ended up liking the fit. Am still debating whether I will have the trunk hose fasten with a button fly or with lacing points and a codpiece - my weight fluctuates a lot so the lacing points are probably a better bet if I want them to have an adjustable fit. Am planning to cartridge pleat the legs to the waistband, as I liked the result better than the pair that I pleated into the waistband.
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Am having a good fabric weekend - today bought 25m of linen/cotton blend at $2.50/m, very suitable for interlining. Now just have to buy silk broadcloth lining for each of the two camping suits, plus some trim - Three Star Fabrics, here I come! At this rate, I might even be able to get started cutting out some of the fabric next weekend, though I think I want to revise my doublet pattern again - I am not very satisfied with the collar and neckline in the current pattern, and I had an unusual amount of difficulty with the fit on the blue and gold.

In other news, my copy of Authentic Everyday Dress of the Renaissance has resurfaced - yay!
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On a quick web search for Japanese costuming links for the SCA time period, I found the following. From my one foray into Japanese costuming to date, I would like to point out that it is always better to do some research on what type of fabric would be appropriate before shopping for the fabric. - Description of garments, pictures of extant garments and paintings, information on how to make. - I think this is the website I used when I was making Kenshin's garb. I found the instructions pretty clear. - I haven't looked at this site, but given that it has a front page it is probably pretty extensive. - Samurai Eye for the SCA Guy. Mostly pictures of garb people have made.
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Recipe tested: Orange Rice Pudding

Technique: Put milk and cream in crock pot, then add sugar and flour. Flour clumped, so next time would measure sugar and flour together before adding to milk. Then added cooked rice and orange juice concentrate. Was outvoted on adding a few traditionally medieval spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Whole mixture is now cooking in crock pot. Results will be tested in a few hours. Stay posted...
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Earlier today I had some success at the fabric store - I got some navy blue wool and some olive green brocade for some camping garb, and some black wool and some black 100% mixed fibres for a camping coat (gown), since the purple velvet gown is warm enough for camping but not very practical.

In the afternoon I sewed together the mock up Viking under dress I had cut out earlier. The result was ambiguous - when I tried it on I ended up ripping the back panel to halfway down the shoulder, although then it fit fine and didn't bind under the arms. Skye also tried it on (post rip) and it seemed to fit her okay as well. Unfortunately neither of us is the eventual wearer of the garment, so it's hard to tell from this whether it will fit the intended recipient. I think I will redo the mockup with slightly wider front and back panels before arranging the fitting.

This evening will be Polyphonia Test Kitchen time - we are going to try to make some orange rice pudding. More updates later!
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This is a test post using a new computer and a new LJ client. In the next while I hope to blog a little more often about some of the things I am up to. For instance right now I am combing through recipe books looking for things that would be practical to cook for large groups.
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Thursday night: Got waistband attached to trunk hose. Tried on trunk hose, with blackworked shirt, existing doublet(s), and stripey socks. Spent several minutes admiring self in mirror.

Friday night: Cut out collar pieces, binding strips for waistband (2 inches wide), and tab pieces (12 tabs at finished width of 3 inches at the top, each). Had forgotten what a pain tabs are. Got started sewing collar pieces to doublet, sleeve seams, and tabs. Tabs are a pain.

Saturday morning: Finished sewing tabs and sleeve seams. Ironed everything. Tabs are a pain. Sewed doublet (with collar) to doublet lining, then basted sleeves in to check fit. Shoulder seam a bit too long, and sleeves a bit wide, even with most voluminous shirt underneath. Packed up sewing to go over to [ profile] falashad's place for Doctor Who marathon.

Saturday afternoon: tried on doublet again for benefit of committee - resolved that sleeve width and shoulder seam should both be reduced. Re-sewed sleeve seams, then picked out the old ones. Attached binding strip to waist and fly opening of trunk hose. Sewed bottom of foundation breeches to top of canions, with raw edge inside. Trunk hose now finished except for lacing holes and fly flap. Started sewing trim to tabs. Tabs are a pain. Hope I have enough trim for the whole project.

Found Doctor Who very entertaining - I had never watched any of the classic series although of course I was familiar with the setup. [ profile] falashad had a good group of people gathered to watch and we had a good time watching, discussing, and suggesting items for a drinking game, and identifying tropes. [ profile] kaerran will be pleased to learn that several episodes feature Ominous Latin Chanting. I also noted several examples of Not So Different, and if I may be allowed to quote the love-to-hateable Dr. Rodney McKay (Stargate: Atlantis), of Captain Jack I wish to say, "Oh my god, he really is Kirk!"

Edited to add:
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