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Jul. 12th, 2009 10:31 pm
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After much procrastination, the trunk hose are finally finished! The last step was putting the lacing holes in at the fly and on the canions. In Janet Arnold, the Grimsthorpe trunk hose (pp 74-77) have two pairs of lacing holes at the front - one on the waistband and one about halfway down the fly opening. The other two pairs fasten with a button fly and with a combination of hooks and eyes and lacing holes. I had previously made a pair of trunk hose that had eyelet holes in the same positioning as the Grimsthorpe ones, and was not completely satisfied with the way they looked when closed, so I did a row of seven lacing holes down each side of the fly and laced them up using spiral lacing with a bar tack at the top and bottom. There is no evidence in Janet Arnold for canions that open at the back (on the Grimsthorpe pair there is a note that the canions may have opened at the side) - this is an adaptation I had to make when a previous pair didn't fit properly, and I used it again because it allows me to tighten the fit of the canions once they are on.

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The doublet will eventually have sleeves that lace on under the shoulder wings, but first I have to do some retrofitting on my shirts. Earlier in my costuming career I visited the Museum of Costume in Bath and made a few detailed sketches of a shirt that was on display there, then came back and made my own shirt based on the embroidery pattern and what I could see of the construction. I have now decided to make a number of changes based on the patterns in the new Janet Arnold and my experiences wearing the shirt.

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